So, You Want to Grow Your Business, but…

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So, You Want to Grow Your Business, but…

Grow Your Business

Not all businesses are in a growth cycle. We get it. Sometimes it honestly does not make sense to put together an aggressive strategy for an all-out-massive-marketing-action. Perhaps you have all the clients you need. Maybe your business is busting at the seams and if you have more business walk through the door you will have more logistical nightmares.

But what if you ARE trying to grow your business? What if you just told us that you have lags in your work flow and more clients would be awesome?

What if we told you that we can solve this problem via web design, social media and other marketing efforts, but that it would take an initial financial investment, ongoing costs, and patience to build relationships with your future customers?

Most likely, you would want to know, “What’s the cost? How much time?” These are reasonable questions. And we are happy to answer those for you, but the question that always puzzles us, is, “Would that really work?”

“Would that really work?” is so 2008. Now, in 2015, it is more a matter of, “Do you want to stay in business? If so, you need the bare essentials for digital marketing.”

Yes, we know that when you built your own website 10 years ago it looked great. We also know that 10 years ago, as a local business owner, just having a website put you on the front page of Google.

But, not only have the rules of the game changed, it’s a totally different game! Having a fresh, search engine optimized website and a presence on social media are not optional, they are the minimal requirement for entry into the game.

If you aren’t in a business growth mode, you are probably fine with what you are currently doing.

“So, you want to grow your business, but…”

If you want to grow your business, jump into the new game, and leave off the “but…”.



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