Using Social Media Sites Effectively to Grow Your Business

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Using Social Media Sites Effectively to Grow Your Business


Using the internet to grow your business, or having a business that exists solely online, is nothing new. However, the fairly recent insurgence of smart phones, tablets and new social media sites have changed the way many consumers are shopping online. This means that you need to learn how to use these sites effectively to grow your business.

It begins by creating a unified message that is projected across every social media site. This can be difficult since different networks call for different types of media. You will use videos on You Tube, pictures on Pinterest and Tumblr, and text based articles for Facebook and Google Plus.

Take some time to decide on your unified message. How would you introduce someone to your business with a few sentences and seven seconds of attention?

Only Worry About Appropriate Social Media Sites

There’s no reason to worry about every single social network in existence. Choose the networks that are most relevant or your industry. Will videos enhance your message or just waste your time? What about images and infographics?

For example, let’s say you have a local business with a storefront.  You do not do online sales, and work only with local clientele.  Your business model is B2C and you rarely engage in B2B.  Having a Facebook business page set up as a Local Business and a Google+ page with a map to your store might be sufficient for your Social Media Networking sites.  In this scenario, you would also benefit from managing your presence on check-in site FourSquare, and possibly, review site Yelp.

Take time to decide which networks will enhance your online presence and focus on those. As a small business owner, you shouldn’t waste your time with every network – even if you’re hiring someone else to manage them.

Engage Your Audience – Don’t Focus on Yourself

Focusing solely on your company will yield minimal results. Think about your target audience when you share links or create posts. Does the information presented improve some aspect of their lives or entertain them? Is it relevant to their interests?

Engaging your audience and keeping the focus on them is the key to truly growing your social media sites. There are many ways to accomplish this. You can certainly share your own blog posts, however, make sure that you share other websites posts. Only sharing your stuff will fail to truly engage your potential audience.


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