What is Twitter Like for Business Use?

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What is Twitter Like for Business Use?

Twitter for business

Twitter has completely revolutionized the way humanity communicates. It is now possible for fans to directly message their favorite celebrities, business owners to connect with customers and companies can network without leaving their officers. This begs the question, what is twitter like for business usage?

Twitter, much like other social networks, is very flexible in how it can be used. A particular user can decide to share every detail about their lives, or simply share interesting thoughts and ponderings. This same logic applies to businesses: a business can have an idle profile that serves no purpose, or a business can have an engaging and important profile.

So, What is Twitter Like for Business Usage?

Businesses each elect to use Twitter in their own unique way. As a great starting point, consider that there are no rules for how you use your Twitter profile (beyond Twitter’s own Terms of Use, which are quite flexible).

That being said, using Twitter as a business is much different from using Twitter as an individual. Each industry has its own loose set of unwritten guidelines for how to use Twitter. Here’s how you can discover the guidelines for your industry:

  1. Find the Influencers. Who are the big talking heads in your industry? Who can change the industry standard with a single blog post or design change to their site? It may take time to identify your influencers, but doing so will be well worth it. For example, if you’re a copywriter, CopyBlogger is one of the biggest influencers around.
  2. Follow the Influencers. Follow their blog posts, Facebook page, Twitter profile and maybe even Google+. Pay attention to the type of content they share and how engaging that content is (like/shares/favorites/retweets).
  3. Copy the Influencers. I’m not saying copy them exactly, but take advantage of their experience and authority. Clearly what they’re doing with Twitter is working. Mimic their usage and let that be a general outline for your own usage. As you continue to grow your following, you can alter what you share, say and retweet based on what you see works.

The answer to, ‘what is Twitter like for businesses’ is unsurprisingly ‘whatever you want it to be’. Your Twitter business profile can grow to become a source of constant leads, or it can become a dead profile that only indicates someone once setup a Twitter profile.

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