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Social Media Day #SMDay

What IS Social Media Day? #SMDay

Social Media Day was started in 2010 by Mashable.com in an effort to celebrate social media’s impact on the global community. June 30, 2015 has been officially named “Social Media Day” in over 630 cities. From San Diego, CA, USA to Tokyo, Japan, in-person meetups are happening to connect folks who have engaged via social…
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Woman Shopping SmartPhone B2C

3 Social Media Scenarios for B2B and B2C

When I first started my career in marketing, I helped a non-profit organization with their social media efforts. I made the mistake of teaching the organization only one social media strategy. What I learned quickly is not every business or organization should use social media the same. In order to be efficient in social media…
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woman business card

Social Media is the New Business Card

If you were in the business world in the 80s and 90s, you know the importance of a business card. If you didn’t have one, you were viewed as illegitimate and not worth doing business with. In the late 90s, your business card also needed to refer people to a website. It allowed people to…
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Converting the World to Social Media One Fashionista at a Time

As a late bloomer in the smartphone department, I found myself with a Samsung Galaxy SIII half way through the 49th year of my life.  The epiphany happened for me at the Palm Springs airport where people were having their phones scanned to gain access to the plane.  I was also ready to launch a…
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How to behave on social media

How to Be.H.AV.E in Social Media

Our parents taught us how to behave at the dinner table. Our teachers taught us how to behave in class. Our bosses taught us how to behave in offices. Who taught us how to behave in social media? The rise of social media has forever altered the way people interact online. Online comments and arguments…
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Strengthen Your Marketing Legs: Pay Attention to Social Media

Facebook has over 1 billion active users. Twitter has over 300 million registered users. Can your business afford to ignore all of these potential customers? Traditionally, your business marketing success relied on word of mouth and perhaps print and radio advertisements. Perhaps it still does. Those are your old legs. They were used to traverse the marketplace…
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Top 3 Reasons Baby Boomers SHOULD be on Social Media

Social Media Networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube, are talked about frequently, but most Baby Boomers have little knowledge about these platforms.  When Social Media gained momentum and hit critical mass is when Baby Boomers were slowing down in their lives.  They were retiring and had finished child-rearing;   it was time to enjoy the good…
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