Social Media Coaching

Today's Livestreaming & Digital Marketing Resource

YouBeingSocial uses a powerful approach to bring clarity and action into your efforts.

Begin with the end in mind.

Develop a laser sharp vision and mission for your work. Align your goals and intentions with your passion and authentic style.

Total platform assessment.

Where are you right now? Focus on your current branding, social media outreach, website and public events to determine strengths, weaknesses and needs.

Platform growth blueprint.

Using the big picture vision and current reality, develop a practical plan with definite milestones.

Weekly one-on-one sessions.

Connect with your coach each week via phone or Skype for progress check-ups, creative planning and action assignments. 50 minute sessions.

Expert referrals.

Depending upon your strengths, abilities and budget, you may need the help of PR specialists, Social Media Managers, SEO (search engine optimization) experts, editors, graphic designers or others. Your coach will recommend trusted professionals who can bring your plan into reality—always with your budget and plan in mind.

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