Goals Drive Social Media Strategy! What Are Yours?

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Goals Drive Social Media Strategy! What Are Yours?

Goals Drive Social Media Strategy! What Are Yours?

Social media marketing is a results driven practice. Seeing your business grow from your efforts online are what helps propel you forward. However, many business owners believe they can achieve amazing results with a “fly by the seat of their pants” approach.

This could not be further from the truth. To achieve the results you’re after, you need goals.

Why? Goals help you define how you behave in social media. They create your social media strategy. They’ll help dictate the content you post, the way you interact with followers and the connections you aim to make.

Set Goals By Interviewing Yourself

Now that you understand the importance of setting goals for social media, how do you get started? By interviewing yourself. Let the below questions be jump off points for establishing your goals:

  • How much time can you devote to managing your social media accounts?
  • How would you like social media to grow your business? Brand awareness, general exposure, business-to-business connections, or more sales?
  • What does social media success look like to you?
  • Who are you trying to connect with? Who is your target social media audience?

Write your answers down. Instead of just reading and considering these questions, set aside the time to formally write down (or type up) your answers. You’ll put more thought into the questions and you can refer back to your questions as you proceed to develop your overall social media strategy.

Tips for Setting Social Media Goals

Interviewing yourself helps examine your social media usage. Writing down your answers to the questions helps further brainstorm your social media strategy. However, to achieve ultimate success online you need to develop concrete, results driven goals (and write them down). Here’s a few more tips:

  • Create goals based on numerical data as much as possible. Likes, comments, shares, reach, retweets, sales, clickthroughs – all of these can be used in your goals.
  • Set usage based goals as well. For example, set a goal of making three posts to your Facebook page every day.
  • Have flexibility with your goals. You might pursue one goal only to realize that another goal will help further advance your business. Don’t be afraid to switch your focus.

Having goals will help dictate your overall social media strategy. It’s well worth investing the time to brainstorm and come up with 2-5 concrete goals for your social media practices.

What are your social media goals? What is your social media strategy?


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