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Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Paid, Earned, and Owned Media?

Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Paid, Earned, and Owned Media?

What is the difference between paid, earned, and owned media? Do you really need all of them in your marketing strategy? Anyone who has ventured into the world of online marketing has certainly come across the terms paid, earned and owned media. While sometimes you can tell what they mean within the context, everyone looking…
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Grow Your Business

So, You Want to Grow Your Business, but…

Not all businesses are in a growth cycle. We get it. Sometimes it honestly does not make sense to put together an aggressive strategy for an all-out-massive-marketing-action. Perhaps you have all the clients you need. Maybe your business is busting at the seams and if you have more business walk through the door you will…
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Using Social Media Sites Effectively to Grow Your Business

  Using the internet to grow your business, or having a business that exists solely online, is nothing new. However, the fairly recent insurgence of smart phones, tablets and new social media sites have changed the way many consumers are shopping online. This means that you need to learn how to use these sites effectively…
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blog social media

Why a Blog is Considered Social Media

  Blogs have become an integrated social platform that is found in every industry, career and interest. They are intimately connected to social networks and can be accurately described as the most important social media tool available. Why is a blog social media? Simply put, it is a type of media that promotes social involvement.…
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How Does Your Business Look to Strangers Online?

  You’ve been there since the very beginning. You picked the colors, had input on designing the logo. Your business is your baby. To you, it’s the best business in the industry, you have loyal customers and your service is next to none. This isn’t how others see it. To random people online, you’re another…
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viral marketing

Why You Shouldn’t Care About Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is the practice of creating content specifically so that it will go viral. ‘Going viral’ means that it spreads throughout the internet well beyond the initial marketed audience. While this term doesn’t have any strict definition, and is way overused, a truly viral piece of content will end up being posted multiple times…
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Social Media Icons

Which Social Websites Do You Really Need to Use?

It seems like every month there’s a new social media site that everyone is suddenly using. As a business owner, it can be frustrating to try to use all of them. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Certain social networks are better suited for different types of businesses. How can you tell which social websites you…
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Social Media Strategy

What Is a Social Media Strategy?

Strategy.  We use it in every aspect of our lives.  Nowhere else is it more clear than when watching experienced chess players engaged in a game of chess.  If one player is several moves ahead of his opponent, it is virtually certain that player will lose the game.  A serious chess player would not even…
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Like us on Facebook

Should I Buy Facebook Likes?

Facebook likes have become increasingly important. They signify that you are an established business. In fact, they present a type of social proof that more and more potential customers are requiring in brands that they deal with. This begs the question – should I buy Facebook likes? The answer is not a simple yes or…
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How Do I Use Google Plus for Business?

Google Plus has become increasingly important over the past few months. New updates to the Google search algorithm are placing importance on Authorship, a new system that connects writers with what they write. This adds a profile picture to the content in the search results, which makes them attract potential readers. This is vitally important…
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