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Top 3 Reasons Baby Boomers SHOULD be on Social Media

Social Media Networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube, are talked about frequently, but most Baby Boomers have little knowledge about these platforms.  When Social Media gained momentum and hit critical mass is when Baby Boomers were slowing down in their lives.  They were retiring and had finished child-rearing;   it was time to enjoy the good…
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How Do I Use Google Plus for Business?

Google Plus has become increasingly important over the past few months. New updates to the Google search algorithm are placing importance on Authorship, a new system that connects writers with what they write. This adds a profile picture to the content in the search results, which makes them attract potential readers. This is vitally important…
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Beginner’s Guide to Google+

Maybe you’ve heard some of the following statements..   Maybe you’ve said some of the following statements. Undoubtedly, you’ve thought some of the following statements. “Google+ is boring.” “I hate going on to Google+, it’s so confusing.” “Google+ is for techies.” “Do I really HAVE to join ANOTHER networking site?” “I’m already on Facebook, that’s…
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