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Social Media ADD

So, You Think You Have SMADD (Social Media ADD) or are Addicted to Social Media?

It’s so easy to check Facebook. It’s even easier to check Twitter. Don’t get me started on Pinterest. Now that most people have a smartphone and a tablet, it’s become increasingly difficult to pay attention to offline life. You might find yourself instinctively checking your phone during a friendly dinner, at stop lights – or…
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Hiring a Social Media Ghost

Hiring a Social Media Ghost – Why You May Want to Think Twice

Many individuals are starting to use social media ghosts to handle their social media marketing efforts. Authors, speakers, insurance agents and realtors seem to be hopping on ghost bandwagon. A social media ghost is someone who acts as you. They post, tweet and reply as if they are you. While it may seem like a…
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Living Under a Rock

What is Social Media Marketing Exactly?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with a terrible internet connection, you’re likely aware of social media. It’s a term used to describe any type of website that connects people and promotes the sharing of ideas, information, images and anything else you can imagine. However, many people, especially small business owners, are still pondering…
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Woman Shopping SmartPhone B2C

3 Social Media Scenarios for B2B and B2C

When I first started my career in marketing, I helped a non-profit organization with their social media efforts. I made the mistake of teaching the organization only one social media strategy. What I learned quickly is not every business or organization should use social media the same. In order to be efficient in social media…
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Facebook graph

Do You Really Need to Worry About Facebook Graph and Privacy?

Facebook recently rolled out Graph Search to every user on their network. This is a new feature that allows for anyone to search through the massive amount of information constantly being created by users. It allows for you to run very specific searches, such as “friends who have been to Bangkok” or “people who like…
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woman business card

Social Media is the New Business Card

If you were in the business world in the 80s and 90s, you know the importance of a business card. If you didn’t have one, you were viewed as illegitimate and not worth doing business with. In the late 90s, your business card also needed to refer people to a website. It allowed people to…
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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Social Media Success Seminar 2013

Change it the only constant in the world.  How is that for an oxymoron?  Even Louis L’Amour said “The only thing that never changes is that everything changes.” Never in the history of time has this been truer than now.  Technology is changing at a mind-boggling pace; and if you blink for a moment, or take…
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Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

While you should create compelling content, you must also market your blog appropriately to increase traffic. Here’s five great ways to do it. Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Any Blog Each of these methods is powerful on their own. When combined, they create a potent method to generate quality traffic for your blog. Have…
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Converting the World to Social Media One Fashionista at a Time

As a late bloomer in the smartphone department, I found myself with a Samsung Galaxy SIII half way through the 49th year of my life.  The epiphany happened for me at the Palm Springs airport where people were having their phones scanned to gain access to the plane.  I was also ready to launch a…
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How to behave on social media

How to Be.H.AV.E in Social Media

Our parents taught us how to behave at the dinner table. Our teachers taught us how to behave in class. Our bosses taught us how to behave in offices. Who taught us how to behave in social media? The rise of social media has forever altered the way people interact online. Online comments and arguments…
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