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Social Media Day #SMDay

What IS Social Media Day? #SMDay

Social Media Day was started in 2010 by in an effort to celebrate social media’s impact on the global community. June 30, 2015 has been officially named “Social Media Day” in over 630 cities. From San Diego, CA, USA to Tokyo, Japan, in-person meetups are happening to connect folks who have engaged via social…
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Goals Drive Social Media Strategy! What Are Yours?

Goals Drive Social Media Strategy! What Are Yours?

Social media marketing is a results driven practice. Seeing your business grow from your efforts online are what helps propel you forward. However, many business owners believe they can achieve amazing results with a “fly by the seat of their pants” approach. This could not be further from the truth. To achieve the results you’re…
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What is a mobile friendly website

Are You Ready for Google’s Big Change? Mobile-friendly Websites

Is your website ready for Google’s big change? Starting today, the gods of Google will ding your in the search rankings if your website is not mobile-friendly, or “responsive.” Fortunately, Google has created a handy tool (here) for you to determine if you are ready or not, because here it comes! It’s super easy. Just…
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What happens to your Facebook profile when you die? Facebook legacy

What Happens to Your Facebook When You Die?

Mortality is something that humans have had to face for our entire existence. However, never before have we had to consider the type of digital footprints we’re leaving behind. Everything you’ve said or done online won’t magically die once you leave the earth. While you don’t have much of a choice about most of your…
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Are you sick of seeing ads while surfing the web AdBlock

Sick of Ads While Surfing the Web? Here’s a Solution!

  If there’s anything true about the Internet, it’s that there will be ads. It’s one of the unavoidable facts of using this amazing utility. Right? Up until somewhat recently, it was. However, there’s now something you can do about it: AdBlock. It’s the single most effective technique ever developed for eliminating ads on the…
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Grow Your Business

So, You Want to Grow Your Business, but…

Not all businesses are in a growth cycle. We get it. Sometimes it honestly does not make sense to put together an aggressive strategy for an all-out-massive-marketing-action. Perhaps you have all the clients you need. Maybe your business is busting at the seams and if you have more business walk through the door you will…
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Using Social Media Sites Effectively to Grow Your Business

  Using the internet to grow your business, or having a business that exists solely online, is nothing new. However, the fairly recent insurgence of smart phones, tablets and new social media sites have changed the way many consumers are shopping online. This means that you need to learn how to use these sites effectively…
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Twitter for business

What is Twitter Like for Business Use?

Twitter has completely revolutionized the way humanity communicates. It is now possible for fans to directly message their favorite celebrities, business owners to connect with customers and companies can network without leaving their officers. This begs the question, what is twitter like for business usage? Twitter, much like other social networks, is very flexible in…
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blog social media

Why a Blog is Considered Social Media

  Blogs have become an integrated social platform that is found in every industry, career and interest. They are intimately connected to social networks and can be accurately described as the most important social media tool available. Why is a blog social media? Simply put, it is a type of media that promotes social involvement.…
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How Does Your Business Look to Strangers Online?

  You’ve been there since the very beginning. You picked the colors, had input on designing the logo. Your business is your baby. To you, it’s the best business in the industry, you have loyal customers and your service is next to none. This isn’t how others see it. To random people online, you’re another…
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