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YouBeingSocial.com’s founder and owner, Jennifer Quinn, has a passion for business, marketing and social media.

An early adopter of social media, in 2012 Jennifer noticed that the only information available for people wanting to get started into social media was actually entwined within the social media landscape, a real roadblock for “newbies”. She then developed a curriculum and began teaching other business owners and individuals how to enter the sometimes imposing social media world.

It became quickly apparent that not only did business owners need help managing and creating the content for their business, but they also needed a variety of other collateral pieces such as web sites, landing pages, graphic design, Search Engine Optimization, and more.  To provide the highest quality service to her clients, Jennifer has hired staff to execute the skills and knowledge she has learned over the years for their clients.

Second-to-none, each account receives individual attention from real people who are skilled not only in Social media, but in the professional world as well.

Jennifer is a master at social media, with a following of thousands and a soft spot for Twitter. You may connect with Jennifer on her personal Twitter (@JennyQ).

In her spare time, Jennifer hosts “The JennyQ Show,” enjoys hiking, swimming, zip-lining, reading, and spending time with family.

You may connect with Jennifer on her personal Twitter (@JennyQ) and Facebook

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